Culann's Hounds
Culann's Hounds Culann's Hounds is a hard rocking Irish Traditional Band. Fierce like their namesake, Cu Chulainn, Culann's Hounds have built a reputation for stage shows filled with high-energy and a ruthless dedication to rocking their audiences. Folk melodies, sensibilities, and stories permeate their music with origins in Ireland, France, and early America. This mash-up of tradition and energy is at once thought provoking, accessible and infectious. The Hounds original material is a mirror of their lives, tales of distant lands, love, elation, and loss.

They've been called: "High-Energy, Extremely Accomplished" by Global Rhythms Magazine and "Rising Young Stars of the Genre" by Hybrid Magazine. The band is comprised of Steve Gardner – fiddle, guitar, vocals, Mike Kelleher – guitar, whistle vocals, Renée de le Prade- Button Accordion, vocals. Steve Gardner's fiddle style is characterized by fast tempos and driving rhythms. Renée de la Prade's high-energy, boot stomping performances and wild pink hair ensure she won't be missed onstage. Mike Kelleher learned to sing Irish ballads as a boy; now Music Connection Magazine says, "Kelleher's gut level vocals are expressive and compelling."