The Village
The Village Explore the world's (and your own) true heartbeat with some of today's most conscious and talented musicians, as The Village takes you on a one-weekend-only musical and spiritual journey. The Village envisions the place we dream of living in - a place where music ties everything together - and will remind us that we're already there. Featuring the collective efforts of world-class musicians, dancers, and poets, The Village will be represented by bassist Kai Eckhardt (Garaj Mahal, John McLaughlin Trio, Trilok Gurtu) drummer Jon Fishman (Phish, Frodo, Pork Tornado,) keyboardist Kit Walker (Pagan Love Orchestra, Kundalini Boombox,) as well as West African talking drummer Rasaki (King Sunny Ade) and Indian Kathak dancers Kaveri and Mansi, while Julia Butterfly Hill keeps your soul alive with spoken word and poetry. Picture this - oceans of soul floating your way on the wood floors of Berkeley's famous community dance center, and actual ocean breezes making your spirit smile in the redwood forest. Come join The Village for an unforgettable musical adventure filled with family, friends, and reminders of home!