Flipper Dave
Flipper Dave Flipper Dave is Brett Connors on guitar and vocals, Glen Nelson on keyboards and vocals, Mike Sherman on bass guitar, and Steve Battistoni on drums. Hailing from New Hartford CT, and founded by Brett Connors in 1994, Flipper Dave has been performing original jam rock from Maine to Colorado. Inspired by the likes of Jerry Garcia, The Allmans, and Max Creek, they have released three CDs, "Flipper Dave", "Too Cold", the classic "Something Simple", the J├Ągermeister-sponsored live collection "Ransom Notes", and several national J├Ągermeister CDs. Through the years, Flipper Dave's Connecticut-based following has remained large and loyal. The band members have explored other musical directions (Shortness, Spaghetti Cake) but the musical heart of Flipper Dave has never stopped beating. These veteran artists and extremely close friends describe their music as "road of life rock", playing blisteringly high-energy sets infused with catchy choruses, infectious grooves, astounding musical pyrotechnics, and hooky alt-country anthems about drinking, debauchery, loneliness, loss, love, road trips, and oh yeah, your first minibike. Flipper Dave is more than just a band; they're a family. Brett's music is more than just an ideal; it's a way of life.