Joe Purdy
Joe Purdy Have you ever been hooked on the narrative of a conversation that you weren't supposed to hear? That is just one of the things you might feel when listening to the music of singer/songwriter Joe Purdy. As he reflects on a memory of an angry moment, or a stolen kiss, his voice becomes startlingly intimate -- you can practically feel his breath on your ear. His sweet, folk- flavored melodies, coupled with the warm tones of an old Gibson guitar, is enough to make an audience blush.

Born and raised in bluegrass country -- Fayetteville, Arkansas -- Purdy fast developed an appreciation for music. Listening to Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Buddy Holly, and pretty much anything playing on the oldies station.

But it was a more contemporary artist that first truly impressed on Purdy the power of songwriting. When he was twelve, he got a hold of his father's record player and sitting in the player was James Taylor's Sweet Baby James LP. Purdy was sold, and very quickly became partial to someone who could effectively paint a picture with words.

Purdy picked up a guitar not long after. This is where the bluegrass came in. Purdy started listening to old Tony Rice and Doc Watson records and would sit on the front porch with his father as the two of them would work on their flatpicking skills and quietly pretend to be bluegrass pickin stars.

Later, Purdy moved out west only to discover that he could write his own songs. And audiences wanted to hear them. Since then he has released four albums independently.

Now L.A. based, with his newly formed five piece band, and recently aquired publishing deal with Warner Chapell music, Purdy and the boys have already been touring the country sharing the music with any and everyone who will take the time to listen. They are currently finishing up a full band record and some nights you can find them blowing off steam playing at the singer-songwriter hot spot Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

Recently you might have Joe's song grace ABC's Lost and Grey's Anatomy!