One Under
One Under "One Under is a band that simply can't be pigeon holed into a single categorical genre. Mixing rock, blues, Latin, fusion jazz, plenty of groovalicious funk, and a boatload of original songs, this Columbus-based sextet is a refreshing dose of musical excellence. Employing tight guitars, fluent keyboards, layered percussion, and top-tier vocals, One Under combines eclectic musical styles to create a unique impression. The result is a fresh yet mature sonic style that appeals to a wide age range and sounds vastly unlike the cliché bands typically playing the scene."

-- Curt Robbins Writer & freelance journalist

You have reached the next wave of improvisational sounds to sweep through your body and soul to make your feet move and your head groove. We have combined roots/funk/jazz/afro-cuban Latin into our own sound.

With driving percussion, tight melodic keys, incredible lead and rhythm guitars, topped with deep lyrical content, One Under is a roots/funk/jazz/afro-cuban Latin inspired act.