Rhombus From the Deep Realms of Chicago, Rhombus has been formulating its own assemetrical sound. A sound similar to a sweaty herd of african antelope charging off a cliff into a giant psychedelic blender. In this, we mean that the RHOMBUS, as quoted by Swoompnugg Magazine, "deleverz quality funkulations while trying to interpretate and annilate the symmetrations". In other words, we morph and quagolate our sounds into something irresistibly groovable!

RHOMBUS' members have much history playing together in other bands throughout the years. Matty Keyz, Tappan, and Bford all joined forces with Ill Gotten Buty their first year at Illinois State University some time ago. Through several other groups including the Illinois State Jazz Band, Sea Cow, Jazz Hack, and Emergency Broadcast System, Aaron and Bford where introduced to Fritz Armstrong through a mutual friend. These three played years with the talented guitarist Andy Berg as ATABA around the Chicagoland area at such venues as Double Door, Elbo Room, Clearwater Theater, Wise Fools Pub, Cafe Lura, Riverlane Pub, and the list goes on...

So next time you need your ears tickled and your feet wiggled and your mind mc squiggled, get yourself on down to da' next RHOMBUS show and shake your pooper like a who knows what !?**