The Cheaters
The Cheaters In an age where many bands follow current radio trends, The Cheaters have emerged as a band that looks to the past and takes all of their musical influences, including roots rock, southern rock, classic rock, and blues, and combines them with a modern flare to form their definitive sound. The Cheaters are a band that not only perform effortlessly, but carry with them the sense and feeling of soul that gave way to the best rock and roll of our time.

The Cheaters musical understanding and performance exceed most, particularly for their young age. Collectively, The Cheaters create a sound that is distinct and irresistible. Their newly released "The Cheaters L.P." illustrates their collaborative talents, but The Cheaters true genius and charisma is embodied in their live shows, which demonstrate the bands charismatic energy and command the attention of all that are present. If unable to attend one of their live shows, the L.P. exhibits song writing from three of the four members, showing once again their inherent musical capabilities. For all other words, this band is not to be overlooked and certainly not missed.