Peace Officer
Peace Officer Peace Officer is a live-band hip hop crew from Fort Collins, Colorado, playing their own brand of socially conscious dub-oriented music. Using the heavy drum and bass groove as their vehicle, Peace Officer's emcees strive to entertain and educate, with tales of life, struggle, passion, and politics. The band has put in their time, with members playing together for as long as twelve years. The current line-up has been working on their craft since fall of 2007, honing a sound they like to call "Dub-Hop" - Hip Hop lyrics and consciousness with live, dub inspired beats.

Peace Officer released their first full length LP, "Insurgency" in January 2009. So far the disc is taking off and has hit number one on KSCU's charts for several weeks. This album, produced by A-K ( and mixed by Kris Smith (, has received critical acclaim and continues to be supported by a live show that has quickly become underground legend in Northern Colorado.

Contraband, the band's follow-up album, dropped to a packed house on Halloween 2009, only nine months after the previous effort. The build-up to the release includes several enthusiastic interviews with the band and reviews are forthcoming. This album, again produced by AK and Kris Smith, features all members of the seven-piece outfit expanding their skills and solidifying their style to create a musical experience that is beyond labels and transcends definition. This signature "Dub-Hop" style is earning acclaim up and down the front range and establishing the Peace Officer Crew (POC) and label as a force to be reckoned with.