The Dirtball
The Dirtball What exactly is this rapper from the Northwest up to? David Alexander, aka The Dirtball, has been on a musical mission since he was a young kid. As a drummer, ever since he could hold drumsticks, the music has always been his main priority throughout both early and up to present time. Whether school organized music classes (including stage band, jazz band, jazz choir, etc), or self organized, like his many side projects also during these times, all have played integral parts in his musical make-up. In high school he formed his first official band, Dizzy Fish, and started to learn and tackle the large world of entertaining and gigging. Mostly summer focused, the band played as much as possible throughout Portland, Eugene, and Seattle (almost all venues shady and no money made). As time progressed, Dirtball continued to play, the old band broke up, and he began to focus on rapping while playing the drums rather than the backup singing he had been doing with the band. Having been listening to rap music and hip-hop since junior high, it seemed a no brainer to tackle both avenues at one time. With enough practice and dedication, not to mention 2 years in Sweden (collaborating on 2 historical musical re-creations, making sure to not get rusty), his path dropped him into the Salt Lake City area to attend the University of Utah (not knowing that the next six years would bring enough regional touring, boozing, rockin, and rappin to test the best of ‘em, and make it seemingly impossible to get his degree.