Les Savy Fav
Les Savy Fav Since 1995, Les Savy Fav (Lay Sah-vee Fahv) has released four full-lengths (3/5, the Cat and the Cobra, Go forth and INCHES) and one EP (Rome: written upside down.) However, “Inches” is the one album the band has been writing since its inception. The concept of “Inches” was actually the second idea Les Savy Fav ever had, the first being the band name. The cover of “Inches” was drawn on a cocktail napkin and then divided into nine sections. Each section of the napkin represented the cover art for each single. Not only is the cover comprised of nine conjoined puzzle pieces (which can be collected and reformed into the original design); each of the nine singles was released on a different independent label. The completed puzzle of that original design and the resulting album is now the triumph entitled, “INCHES”. To the stalwart dedicates that have collected the 7”s as they’ve been released, “Inches” will offer the chance to hear the songs in the context the band had originally conceived of them. For the majority though, Les Savy Fav expects that INCHES will provide a fresh and educational sonic insight into the band. Plainly stated, for those who have never heard of Les Savy Fav (no embarrassment required), INCHES will provide the perfect way to plunge head first into the original world of Les Savy Fav. Seth Jabour’s revolutionary guitar playing weaves melody and discordance, while drummer Harrison Haynes keeps the foundation dancing in time with Syd Butler’s stylish bass lines. This allows for front man Tim Harrington’s performance to command his audience, sing and recite fables of rich vs. poor. Good vs. evil. Les Savy Fav has, for the most part, remained a word-of-show, fanatical-fan-driven band. They have done it on their own, in the old-fashioned way, touring and making music. They aren’t too cool for any school. They answer their own e-mails. They have maintained their independence and have built their consistently sold-out-show following without the championing of a major label, many of the major music publications, mainstream radio or MTV. Syd Butler started Frenchkiss in order to provide a place where bands have complete artistic freedom and encourages open-minded music and considers every band an equal voice at the family dinner table. Individually, the members of Les Savy Fav have continued their own and varied artistic pursuits. Syd Butler is at the helm of frenchkiss records. Seth Jabour is a successful Illustrator. His work has appeared in Volkswagen ads and in several magazines and can be seen online at Sethtom.com. Harrison Haynes is an established painter. His creations are garnering quite a press kit of their own and can be seen at Harrisonhaynes.com. Tim Harrington recently started his own textile company with his wife Anna. Their dedication to the arts as individuals only strengthens their cohesive musical family, Les Savy Fav. The Rhode Island School of Design graduates moved to Brooklyn 1996 and used an abandoned Knights of Columbus hall as an apartment and practice space. It was here that their influences and distinct talents merged into an indescribable sound. Their music has been linked to Brainiac, The Talking Heads, The Pixies and Sonic Youth. However, LES SAVY FAV, at this date, Godfather of the Brooklyn sound – are more likely to end up on band’s inspiration lists rather than comparison list. Les Savy Fav may be one of the most genre defining, influential and organically driven musical ensembles of the nineties. www.frenchkiss records.com