Vortex Park
Vortex Park Vortex Park was founded in 2005 when singer/songwriter, Alex Wolf, teamed up with double bassist, Justin Roberts, and began playing the Atlanta local scene. With Roberts’ solid and thumping bass lines and Wolf’s thoughtful lyrics and extremely eclectic writing styles, Vortex Park made an early impression on its audiences. Brad Stott and Rurik Nunan later joined, adding a dynamic rhythmic presence on percussion and a wailing and melodic violin giving Vortex Park depth and emotion that continue to attract new and diverse audiences. As Vortex Park continues to evolve and receive loyal support, the band members’ determination and dedication to creating an exciting, relevant and unique experience for their fans has even further strengthened.

The members of Vortex Park have each played in many bands, on many stages with many names you'd recognize, but listing them all would no better describe the music or define them by genre.

With that said, they can only invite you to listen for yourself and see what you think. Come out to a show around town, or check out their intimate acoustic listening room, "UNDERNEATH", and experience one of the coolest new venues for great music in Atlanta (http://www.vortexpark.net/underneath)

Vortex Park strongly supports original art and music and recognizes the importance of its existence. They appreciate all of your support for our project and hope to see you out soon at a show!