Fish out of Water
Fish out of Water Fish Out of Water (F.O.W.) is your premier rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop specialist. Over the past twelve years, they have developed an exceptionally entertaining, all original live show by combining these musical styles into one formula known as RoPhunk RaeHop. This all original, high-energy class act brings a solid groove with a positive message, captivating the audience with their music.

β€œIt’s as if Led Zeppelin, Bootsie Collins, Bob Marley, and Ice Berg Slim were wrapped up into one bad-ass persona.” Griffith Jackson - Sacramento News & Review

With their strong stage presence and funky beats, F.O.W. has been rapidly conquering the United States. Originally from San Luis Obispo, California, the group recently completed their 7th national tour since ’09 including two to Australia where they played for sold out crowds from the Gold to Sunshine Coasts. Fish Out of Water has shared the stage with such acts as G. Love and Special Sauce, Fishbone, Passafire, and The Wailers, playing well over a thousand shows to date.

The band has released four albums over the span of their career including: RoPhunk RaeHop, Harvest your Thoughts, The Dream, and their first full length acoustic album Heart to Hand. The Fish look forward to getting back in the studio this spring where they will plan to wrap up their latest CD Soul Survivor, due out early June.

Cousins Kyle and Brandon Moon began the group in 2000. This multi talented duo consistently switches between guitar, bass and vocals, creating a diverse sound within the music. Their full set can include an hour of acoustic music depending on the venue needs. The rest of the performance includes costume changes and hours of crowd energizing, danceable beats.

Socially conscience, F.O.W. strives to use their music to its fullest potential, raising funds and donating their talent in support of such causes as hurricane relief, the Gulf oil disaster, breast cancer, and foster care. They hope their actions will one day inspire the rest of the world to give what you can with what you have.

Fish Out of Water commands the senses, moves the masses, and leaves you contemplating love, life, and everything in between.