Waterstreet Get ready. One of the hottest bands hailing from the Midwest, Chicago based Waterstreet has built a sound that will leave you trembling. A masterful live performance and heavy tour schedule have forced Waterstreet into the national rock scene. With two adept early twenty-somethings sharing lead guitar duties, Waterstreet has forced people off of the couch and into the into the club with hard riffs, sizzling harmonies, and an edgy style. The quartet plays mean and hard, sweeping listeners back to somewhere in the early Seventies. One of the final 6 out of 8,000 bands that auditioned to go on tour with Motley Crue, Waterstreet has made its presence known in Rock. They are veterans of the nations biggest festivals despite an average age of only 22. They have toured coast-to-coast, lighting fires in fans from New York to Los Angeles. With a new project in the works alongside Grammy winning producer Malcolm Springer due for release in the summer of ’09, Waterstreet will be changing your radio. Get crazy anticipating love and music.