Adam Richman
Adam Richman I’m Adam Richman. I’m not the clown on TV who eats gargantuan heaps of shitty food. I am a songwriter, producer, engineer and recording geek. I spent a number of years touring as a recording artist and released a few records which I recorded and performed on exclusively. They were released by my own label Bucket O’ Records and then by Or Music/Sony in 2005.

Now, Music from a Bucket is my publishing and production company. I have produced and co-written songs with a number of other artists. I have a number of major label credits and my songs are featured on TV and radio.

As a producer, I seek to always focus on the triumph of the song and the character of the artist shining through the production. I enjoy ear candy and creative production ideas as much as the next guy, but I despise them if they are detracting attention from the lyric, melody, mood, and the “voices” of the artist (singer or instrumentalists).

Obsess less over all the shit you want to put into your track and obsess more over the reason for that track’s existence (the SONG). Check out my songwriting and production pages for more on this.

In addition to writing and producing, I also perform with other artists, usually playing guitar. Since February 2009, I have been touring musical director for Universal’s incredibly talented pop-country artist, Jessie James.