Sticky Fingers (NY)
Sticky Fingers (NY) Sticky Fingers has catapulted from a sold out 500-seat debut concert in 1978 to performing concerts in front of crowds numbering up to 53,000 with Alice Cooper in 1998. While it may be true that there's nothing like the real thing, the tribute band Sticky Fingers comes as close to the glory of the Glimmer Twins as anyone can. Sticky Fingers is the consummate tribute band. Complete with replica costumes, instruments and even amplifiers, Sticky Fingers has been honored in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, which called them the "next best thing to being there." They have been featured in countless newspapers and television shows. Entertainment Weekly writes: "Sticky Fingers makes the ultimate tribute; Mick and Keith in the 21st Century." "In singer Glen Carroll and guitarist Gar Grancis, the group offers dead-on-Mick and Keith look-and sound-alikes."

"For those Rolling Stones fans shut out of the Rolling Stones tours by ticket prices and traveling distances, Sticky Fingers are the next best thing to being there". The New York Village Voice says, "Sticky fingers is the greatest rock and roll tribute band in the world." " The Rolling Stones show you've been waiting for."The East Coast Rocker reports "I think they're great. An excellent show, complete with good sound, Glimmer Twins magic, and solid grooves to every Stones composition. "Twist and Shout's music critic writes "Glen Carroll is the Jumping Jack Flash icon of Rock-n-Roll."

Boasting a talent pool of multi-platinum musicians who have performed and recorded with the Rolling Stones themselves, the musicianship is never less than top-shelf. Members of Sticky Fingers have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Details Magazine, The New York Village Voice, Twist and Shout, The East Coast Rocker, Gig, Steppin Out, Guitar Player, Modern Drummer as well as nationally televised performances on CBS, ABC, FOX, VH1 and MTV. The talents of these fine musicians have been combined to produce the ultimate International Rolling Stones Tribute Band.

From the inception, the number one criteria for Sticky Fingers was and still is "A Tribute to the Rolling Stones," not just a band playing covers. This is not an ordinary concert; the combination of music and effects such as balloons, flowers and fireworks make it a festive event. The show is a well rehearsed combination of sound, lighting and music…Rolling Stones music. The marriage of traditional guitars and thunderous drums is carried out ceremoniously. Add the classic vocals, searing harp and the combination is complete.