Moo-Got-2 Whether you like them for their Downtempo steeped in analog synths, their ability to extrapolate funk themes, or their rock driven songs with lyrical substance, Moogot2 is down to bring a party and leave multitudes of satisfied fans in their wake. This band evolves. With two keyboard players and horns, Moogot2 is able to harness classic funk grooves reminiscent of Parliment and morph them into a sound that is makes you feel like the 70’s just met 2030. Moogot2 shows are an experience, a virtual melting pot of styles.

· Drummer Darin Mitchel draws audiences in with his clever lyrics and on- the – one pocket.

· Adding to this, Mike Solomon’s guitar drives home melodies with a sonically drenched tone.

· Saxophonist Chris Noonan brings fortitude of chops carved out in the Nor-Cal jazz/funk scene, playing with groups like Vinyl, Monophonics and The Bump Foundation.

· Chicago born hip hop producer and experienced keyboardist B. Swiz provides a percussive foundation with a soulful flavor, a true veteran who has worked with artists like Dujeous, Myka Nine, DJ Logic and R&B singer Ricky Fonte.

· Synth wizard Tomek laces his at once dirty and sexy European flavor into this already grimy sound

· Anchored by Aaron Drago who has found his voice in his slap heavy hypnotic groove oriented style of funk…….

Moogot2 has established themselves as an innovator of Live Psychedelic Electro- Funk in Northern California selling out shows in their home of Humboldt County. They have toured extensively through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. They have played a handful of west coast festivals and have proven their ability to play marathon late- night sets of 5 hours or more. They made waves @ Burning Man 2008 and are dedicated to the liberation of booty’s on the dancefloor