Susan Herndon
Susan Herndon Born in St. Louis, but completely Okie bred--Susan began performing in France with a group of fellow-vagabonds in Auvergne, in Provence, and in the Dordogne, and then on into Greece. These past several years have seen her gigging relentlessly from Okemnukov, Ukraine to Okemah, Oklahoma, and playing and touring in venues from Tennessee and Arkansas to Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas and into New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Florida.

Susan is said to be "something of a trailblazer, unfettered by labels or boundaries". Her album credits are a who's who of some of Oklahoma's best musicians, and her latest album, of Austin's most outstanding. She lives for the live show, maintaining a commitment to the fun, camaraderie, and love through the mystery and beauty and power of song-- playing solo, or just as often, surrounding herself with a band of great and unique musicians.

"You can call her music singer-songwriter music, Red Dirt music, folk music. Just about the only thing you can't call it is easy listening... she has both a facility for lyrics that mean something, and remains fiercely independent." (quotations compiled from different reviews by music writers, Gary Hizer, John Wooley, and Jim Tilly)