Kennebec "Its ten past twelve on a weeknight. The Pour House, one of Raleigh's most popular downtown bars, has come to electric life on what is usually a slow evening. On stage, a young man with a black jacket, a kangol cap and a guitar is two-stepping about, howling ruefully one moment, gently intonating the next. These are his songs. The five men behind him are his band. And the music is hot enough to light cigarettes on the other side of the room. Troy Smith is the front man for Kennebec, one of the hottest up-and-coming groups in Raleigh. The band is diverse and expansive: Mike Rosado (drums), Chris Miller (lead guitar), and Jeramy Blackford (vocals). Kennebec plays with the fervor of a charismatic minister conjuring up a hellfire and brimstone sermon. The result: to see Kennebec is to become a true believer." --Nick Bowden