Sonic Garden
Sonic Garden The five members of Sonic Garden have devoted the last several years to both mastering the legendary repertoire of The Grateful Dead, and bringing the sound and the spirit of The Dead to their own live shows in and around Buffalo, New York. The members of Sonic Garden view The Dead's fans as more than just a marketing demographic -- the sincerity, affection, and expertise with which Sonic Garden delivers each performance has led the band to play a pivotal role in the development and sustenance of Western New York's 'Deadhead' population. Sonic Garden has been a local Buffalo tradition since 1988. The band has changed many faces throughout the years and has included many special people. After the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995, The Grateful Dead ended their decades of touring, leaving millions of fans with only memories, bootleg cassettes, cable-TV documentaries, and cover bands to fill the void. Sonic Garden, already a well-established example of the latter, has made new strides in bringing to their own audience the excitement, variety, and spontaneity of The Dead's original concerts; they frequently add to their long list of well-rehearsed Dead songs more of the most popular and difficult tunes, and have composed a handful of their own original numbers, which they have occasionally mixed in with the covers. The crowd response to Sonic Garden's original songs has so far been enthusiastic, positive, and encouraging. Once in a while we are joined with some of our old friends and band members, and we are of course consumed by many great memories of the past. We continue to move on & play. Sonic Garden's efforts have paid off, as increasing numbers of young people, many learning about the music for the first time in their lives, have a chance to experience the live renditions of The Dead's music firsthand, and to connect with the spirit and culture of its attendant and devoted community of fans.