Hot Like Fire
Hot Like Fire Hot Like Fire has emerged as the most energetic reggae party band on the New England music scene. They have become well known for their reggae versions of American pop and R&B songs.

Trumpet player Kelley Bolduc founded Hot Like Fire during her final year (1989) at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She met a student from Barbados and attended a performance of his where she won a round-trip ticket to the small Caribbean island. After falling in love with reggae and soca music she returned to Boston to start her own band, commencing as an eleven-piece group, with members hailing from different Caribbean islands and America.

Over the past seventeen years Hot Like Fire has refined itself to a contemporary five-piece band. Most of the musicians in the group are originally from Jamaica and were born into reggae music. They have become a tight knit crew, playing five to six nights a week together during the summer months. Hot Like Fire is by far the most sought after reggae band in New England.

Their first CD “Hot Like Fire” earned them many awards upon its release in 2000, including CD of the Year, Best Male Vocalist and Best Producer from the Boston Caribbean Music Awards. On the scene for only a few months, Hot Like Fire’s current release entitled “Reggae Around the World” reached #1 on WERS 88.9FM Rockers Top 6 at 6:00 for ten consecutive weeks this past summer with a contagious single and local hit “Hot Like Fire Tonight”. This new release uncovers hidden songwriting talents within Hot Like Fire layered with reggae versions of R&B tunes, taking you on a reggae ride around the world. You’ll catch yourself playing this CD over and over again.

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Hot Like Fire plays every Thursday in Newport, RI at The Rhino Bar 333 Thames St. from 10pm-1am

Hot Like Fire also plays the last Sat of every month at The Western Front, 343 Western Ave, Cambridge, MA, 10pm-2am