Soulajar Soulajar is a funk-and-groove rock group from Bakersfield, CA.

However, the music of Soulajar defies simple categorization. Its' players are humble young artists with diverse influences and a shared love of stretching musical boundaries. Their sound is a refreshing blend of innovative compositions; fusing elements of rootsy soul and tasty melodic pop rock to form an undeniably unique flavor of song craft.

Their live performances are stuffed with funky grooves, bone chilling soul, and exhilarating instrumental jamming. The band always leaves room for improvisation which keeps fans returning almost compulsively by knowing they will always hear something new and progressive. Lyrically, Soulajar spreads positive energy with an articulate and expansive voice that even the most dissimilar crowd can relate to.

Diversely, Soulajar's music bridges the gap between radio friendly pop rock and party-pleasing festival jam bands. So, whether it is an acoustic coffee shop setting, or an energetic live concert, Soulajar's intricate song writing and dynamic style caters to music lovers of many different preferences, ages, and walks of life.