...And You Will Know us By The Trail of Dead
...And You Will Know us By The Trail of Dead ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are a band from Austin, TX. It's as good a place as any; a once and future frontier town that has it's share of conspiracy theorists and militant whack-jobs. These boys, Kevin, Conrad, Neil, and Jason, fit right in. However, their music is not exactly what one might expect from Austin...this ain't no honkey-tonk, and it sure isn't alt country or southern fried rock 'n roll. The Trail of Dead are all about full throttle, in your face sonic rock. It's new punk for a new millennium, or it would be if the term "punk" (or the world millennium for that matter) still held any sort of relevance in our watered down musical vocabulary of cliches and catch phrases.

Trail of Dead's songs are awash with distorted guitars and throbbing percussion. They do that soft-loud/loud-soft thing exquisitly at times, but to describe them as emo or post-rock would be missing the point entirely. This is apocalyptic rock. This is primordial rock. But those are just labels, and labels are just feeble attempts to classify and restrict. The Trail of Dead are not about labels. They are about music: playing rock 'n roll, becoming famous and dying. And starting fires along the way.