Slim During 1998, Slim hit the music scene in the Hampton Roads Community, and was an intstant favorite among jamband fans and the local scene. The original Slim consisting of Daniel Aussey - Guitar, Vocals, Robert Cameron - Bass, Vocals, C.J. - keyboards, vocals, and Matt Carey - Drums., quickly built up a strong local following, and developed some strong songwriting skills and improvisational prowess. The band has gone through some changes over the years, but it is 2011 now, and the original lineup is set to play once again, with a reunion show @ The new Jewish Mother Hilltop. The band hopes to start playing future events again periodically throughout the upcoming years. If you havn't seen Slim yet, we encourage you to come out and support local music, and treat yourself to an evening of musical bliss - original Slim style. You can hear us @ , browse by bands, and find Slim Music. We'd like to thank all our fans over the years, and hopefully make some new ones in the future.