Sci Fi
Sci Fi Sci Fi is a three piece touring act out of Wilmington, North Carolina that is relentlessly pursuing the quest for human understanding through the art of music. With the positioning of notes and rhythms, they have developed songs that reach out and take hold, and it is their vision to share it with the rest of the world.

Sci Fi is a unique blend of musical talents. What seems to be jazzy improv swirls into flowing melodies and hypnotic rythms. Traveling around the country, these guys live to tour: they enjoy sharing and spreading good live music. Sci Fi is soul from the ground up. They incorporate other musicians just as frequently as they themselves. Guitars, sitars, horns, and guest vocalists are no stranger to their stage. .

Ty, Tim, and Hete have shared the stage with many inspiring musicians in their short time together. Stay tuned for a busy summer filled with shows at great venues and festivals near you.

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Sci Fi has just completed recording their debut album at Earth One Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, with recording genius Alex Ginz. Guest appearances on the album have been made by members of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket, Elemental Harmonics, and two tracks featuring the amazing Benjamin Forehand. The album will drop in mid-April, more details to come.