Skyblue72 Energetic. Soulful. Unforgettable. That is the evolution of Houston-based skyblue72 ( The band, comprised of siblings Jessica (vocals, drums) & Frank Zweback (bass, vocals) and honorary sibling Davis Jumper (guitar, vocals), has been making a name for itself in the regional music scene for more than 5 years. With earth-shattering grooves, soulful siren’s songs and searing guitar work, skyblue72 has carved out a niche in the annals of rock and commands a presence from audiences across Texas.

skyblue72 started from simple Texas beginnings with Jessica and Davis writing songs together on the front porch. Upon hearing some of the music, Frank suggested the trio take things from the front porch and to the masses. Jessica had already established a reputation in the local music scene for her dynamic live performances with her powerful voice. The trio, each well-versed musicians who play variety of instruments, quickly established themselves in the local scene with their heart felt lyrics and in-your-face rhythms & harmonies. In addition, skyblue72 stood apart as Jessica assumed the dual role as drummer and vocalist.

Throw in punchy grooves and transitions from Frank’s bass and Davis’ explosive guitar leads and haunting vocal harmonies, and the combination proves a powerful music experience. The band also crafted an unforgettable live show that successfully converted audiences into die hard fans. Their reputation lead to performances alongside likes of Bob Schneider, Vallejo, Particle, and Patrice Pike.

skyblue72 isn’t afraid to tread into new musical territory. Their highly anticipated record, Feel My Way Home, will be released in August 2007. The band aims to infuse audiences with their own mix of funk, soul, rock, and even a little metal. The end result will undoubtedly have a significant impact on audiences across the country.