The Futureheads
The Futureheads The Futureheads formed in 2000, in Sunderland. More specifically, in Barrys garage really. The line-up of the band at that point was Jaff (Bass, Vocals), Barry Hyde (Guitar, Vocals), Ross Millard (Guitar, Vocals), and Peter Brewis, now of cerebral pop-masterpiece-makers Field Music.

After playing a million and one hometown shows, and hopefully aggravating some of the vilest cleg-on bands Britpop could have to offer (on a local level, obviously apparently therell always be a place for a Bluetones DJ set somewhere), the Futuremen took the show on the road with a massive helping hand from Slampt Records Milky Wimpshake. A tour of Squats and Youth Centres in Central Europe came in summer 2001, due to which the band switched out drummers Peter Brewis had ongoing commitments to other things he was doing, and in his place ambled a young pretender. Mr David Hyde (Drums, Vocals).

Sooner or later, the band developed a greater sense of living on the edge and quit their dayjobs/waited in a more sensible manner and graduated University, committing themselves to a life on the open road.

Several singles followed - the first, Nul Book Standard, can now be seen casually hanging out on eBay from time to time. A relationship with the lovely people at Fantastic Plastic briefly followed and then on came the biggie... a debut album!

'The Futureheads' was released in summer 2004, on 679 Recordings, and has seen the band on the road pretty much ever since. A considerable amount of time was spent in America in 2005, whereupon Jaff discovered he is very particular about what cheese he likes, and Dave developed a dangerous addiction to buying Playstation computers.

Some highlights of 2005 include playing Glastonbury Festival on Baz's birthday, Hounds Of Love going Top Ten, meeting Dennis Hopper on Jimmy Kimmel's US TV Show, and getting that most infamous of Albatrosss, The Second Album under their belts.

Recording took place with Ben Hillier (Blur, Doves) in a remote farmhouse, near Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, over a period of 6 weeks in Winter 2005. Upon it's release 'News & Tributes' rocketted into the Top 15 of the UK charts and once again saw the band hitting venues around the world in support of their musical output!