Tiff Jimber
Tiff Jimber Singer songwriter Tiff Jimber holds nothing back when she plays, smashing out rhythms and dancing on her toes. A mix between Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds Tiff describes her music as:

TASTES like Jäger spilled on ivory
LOOKS like a purple piano in 6’’ heels
SMELLS like fresh baked cookies
FEELS like a bathtub of aloe vera
MAKES EWOKS sway to the groove

At age 17, Tiff released her first self-produced album of original songs, Never Takes Too Much. She graduated from Berklee College of Music and currently resides in a two-car garage that she shares with one dead cockroach. Besides living in a garage, she sleeps in her car while out on tour. Tiff is no stranger to DIY. She books all her own tours, self manages, self promotes, handles all marketing and scheduling, all while crafting her songs. Tiff plays over 200 shows a year.

Burning At Both Ends, released in May 2009 on Cormac Records, is Tiff’s second full-length album. Burning At Both EndsThe album was financed through a fundraising campaign that raised . Proceeds totaled over $10,000. Tiff has worked with Phil Collins; Blink 182; The Foo Fighters; Queensrÿche and sang on vocal tracks for movies such as, "The Grudge," the Robert De Niro movie, " Hide and Seek," and the Jennifer Aniston movie "Traveling." She has opened for the San Diego Symphony, White Buffalo, and Meiko. The Los Angeles Music Awards nominated Tiff's first full-length album Obstacles-2005, AAA Album of the year. She was awarded the ASCAP Plus Award 2008, 2007, 2006. "City Life" received honorable mention from Billboard and placed in the Australian Songwriting Contest.

Tiff is currently on tour promoting her new album Burning At Both Ends, available on iTunes. Check out http://www.myspace.com/tiffjimber for tour dates and news.