Jupiter Coyote
Jupiter Coyote Over their thirteen-year history, JUPITER COYOTE has played thousands of shows, traveled everywhere, and done most everything. They have sold well over 160,000 CDs independently and show no signs of vanishing on the ever changing and unpredictable music scene horizon. JC is a band that plays it the way they feel it with little regard as to where they fall between the cracks of what is trendy and fashionable. A band prolific in its’ writing, skilled in its’ musicianship, and congenial in its’ nature, they have managed to survive in the tough environment of the “underground” club and theatre circuit. This is a band that is still on the road nearly 200 days a year. JC has shared the stage with The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, The Radiators, and Kansas to name a few. They have played large festivals from coast to coast, including: High Sierra Music Fest, Atlanta’s Mid-Town, Birmingham’s City Stages, Asheville’s Bele Chere, And Magnolia Fest in Live Oak, FL. JC was actually conceived in Brevard, North Carolina, when Matthew Mayes (guitar, Guijo, vocals) and childhood friend John Felty (vocals, guitars) decided to pursue music as a career and headed down to Athens, Georgia to join forces with Sanders Brightwell (bass). Steve Trismen (vocals, fiddle) from Boulder, CO. joined four years ago. Trismen’s playing fits neatly into the sound. Tasteful and intense, the jams extend higher and the melodies, combined with Mayes’ guijo (banjo neck, stratocaster body) and Felty’s slide guitar, create a sound truly all their own. The newest member of JC is Noel Felty on the drums. The nephew of guitarist John, Noel is a world class talent behind the kit and the level of his musicianship will no doubt extend JC to new heights. JC is a musical stew with each piece adding a nice spice to the mix. JC is the new twist in southern rock and they deliver it with a relaxed, worldly view. Their sound has been labeled “Mountain Rock“, a mixture of Southern Appalachian Boogie, bluegrass infused, Funk-Rock. JC has eight CDs out that are colorful snapshots of the bands’ constant growth and evolvement. They continue to redefine themselves without radical departure from their intricate sound; as can be heard and seen on their latest release, “The Hillary Step.” This is a two disc set, one of which is the new studio album, the other a live, full show DVD shot from The Windjammer in Charleston, SC last spring. Excellent new JC tunes and a new version of the cult hit “Crazy Women.” The DVD is mixed 5 to 1 in surround sound and was shot with six cameras. It is JC full auto right in your face. “The Hillary Step,” a fantastic and bold new CD/DVD release from JC. Still live is where JC is at their best. The songs are more energized in the live setting, and JUPITER COYOTE likes to link several songs together before coming up for air. (the order rarely repeats itself from show to show). JC is one of the hardest working bands touring; they handle all operations themselves and truly define “independent band”. With a new studio CD/DVD out this winter and steady touring in the works, the band’s future looks bright and busy. So look for them coming through your town soon. If you would like more information on the band, check out www.jupitercoyote.com