Who's The Fat Guy?
Who's The Fat Guy? Bass, drums & electric keys. An epic strand of pulpy pop tunes. A new twist on old sounds. Who's the Fat Guy? built itself on a colossal trio of explosive energy, drawing from a host of influences from Herbie Hancock to Beck to Primus to XTC. Originally starting as a jam project in a Commonwealth Ave. apartment on 2-28-99 in Boston, WTFG? built itself up in the New England scene, touring through every state in the region: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania and of course, Massachusetts. The band's hard work and dedication granted them a Boston Music Awards Nomination in 2001 for Outstanding Funk Band and hordes of amazing and loyal fans who were lucky enough to catch the band in action, during their touring years. (Too bad Myspace wasn't availible back then, right?) So...this website is the attempt to re-connect the band (which is currently still a unit, though seperated by geographic constraints) with its great fans and maybe pull a few new ones into the great music they created.

Currently, Mark Ross has moved back to Atlanta from the West Coast, where he has continued to write, record and work with other artists. Kurtis Shakemore still writes and records new music and has continued his interests in film scoring. Bradlee Cumberbatch is persuing his J.D. law degree, but still performs with the Philadelphia band "A Paper Tiger/Vershara" (in the Top Friends below) and is seen around the Philly area with Kurtis quite often.