Cornflower Cornflower is a vocal-instrumentalist whose improvisational style emerges from using an assortment of vocal techniques, including 'scat', 'vocal-percussion' (aka Beat-boxing), ‘live-looping’ and an intuitive sense of timing that create unique masterpieces of the moment. Blending various genres such as world music, soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, roots-reggae, folk, electronica, experimental & ambient.

Cornflower has collaborated with many artists, musicians & luminaries including: Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Jeff Pevar, Freebo, Chris Decker of Medicine Drum, Inger Jorgensen, Nikita Gearing, James Twyman, Dubconscious, Elemental Harmonics, Phillip Daniel, +Elijah- & the Band of Light, Scott Huckabay, K.J. and Quetzatl.

Cornflower has studied with ten-time Grammy Winner - Bobby McFerrin and was a guest leader at the annual 12-hour Circlesinging event called “Singing for your Life 2005” with members of SoVoSo.

Cornflower's intention is to inspire, activate, awaken and unite people through the magic of Sound.