Lonestar Pornstar
Lonestar Pornstar Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll... What else would you think of when hearing a band name like Lonestar Pornstar? Yet sex appeal and rock n roll would be a more accurate way of describing this six-piece band. Although the band members arent exactly pornstars it isnt unheard of to have a few pros among the throngs of sexy ladies that crowd to every LSPS live show. Its almost a guarantee to see random clothing items flying towards the stage during a live set.

This six member music juggernaut hails from, you got it, the Lonestar State. LSPS is consistently among the top drawing bands in both Houston and Austin as well as continually winning over fans through regional tours in musical hotspots in both Texas and Louisiana. This natural ability to win over fans is certainly not surprising considering the fact that Houstons foremost music editor, John Nova Lomax of the Houston Press, described their live show as Funk-driven, ass-shakin gangsta-style, hard rock and then some. Talk about broad musical appeal!!

LSPS released their full length album debut entitled, "Protection" July 8th, 2006 featuring 23 tracks. In September of 2006, the band signed a contract with BCD Music Group. Known mostly for Platinum Rap Artist, their roster also inlcudes Papa Roach and Marzi (formerly of Superjoint Ritual) and as ofOctober 31st, 2006 the new LSPS full length album will be distributed in major retail stores across the U.S. including all Best Buy, FYE, Target, Circuit City, & Sam Goody stores. LSPS won the award in 2005 and 2006 for "Best Alterative Rock Band" at the Houston Press Music Awards and joined artists such as Paul Wall, Mike Jones(Swisha House), Blue October (Universal), Michael Haaga and the Plus and Minus Show (Dead Horse/Superjoint Ritual) and Hayes Carll (Lost Highway) in the winners circle. They are also a favorite on Clear Channel Entertainment's weekly show, The Texas Buzz on 94.5 KTBZ in Houston.

The band has been compared to the likes of Snot, Rage Against the Machine, (HED) pe, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Suicidal Tendencies. Their musical talent and energetic live shows have won them the endorsements of Rockstar Energy Drink and Chop Shop Drum Company owned and operated by Rikki Rockett (Poison) & Brian Cocivera. The song Mood Swing has been chosen to be in the up and coming professional surf video, Tex 2 Mex Chix, and their live performance was used in the Odyssee Pictures movie, Necrophobia.

2006 is proving to be a year of high energy and great acheivements for Lonestar Pornstar and the Texas Rock Community. As a key member in two of the most proactive independent rock organizations in Texas, the Austin Indie Alliance and the Houston Band Coalition, this band has incredible support, fans and power behind them.