ZINDU Enigmatic rhythms, hot funky fusion, and captivating melodic motives transport you through multidimensional sonic landscapes…

ZINDU is an upbeat and energetically inspiring band, comprised of accomplished musicians who display versatility through years of playing with multiple genres. Based in San Diego, CA and performing at such prominent venues as Winston's, Humphrey's Backstage Lounge and The Casbah, as well as the local Baja Bash music festival; the band creates its’ own synergistic, multi-textured fusion of rock, jazz, funk & world genres. Their current thrust is promoting their new studio CD, Shapeshifter, by expanding their performance, touring and airplay schedule.

Founded in 2002, the music of ZINDU has metamorphosed through various stages: tribal jazz, funk fusion, jam rock, groove exploration, psychedelic and primal, yet continually carving new sonic mazes that inspire enchant-ment and celebration. Their music expresses a vitality of melodic and rhythmic impulse, impelling the listener towards harmonic discovery and imaginative revelation. The underlying foundations and defining structures of the compositions are fueled through a fiery and radical coalition of drums and bass, while the sense of journey, atmosphere and expressive velocity are animated with colorful interfusions of guitar, sax and keys. The conflux of instrumentation creates an overall sound that is both cohesive and dynamic, resulting in a unque hybrid of riveting musical flavors sure to reverberate your brain into a delightful frenzy!

ZINDU is currently playing around the greater San Diego area, aspiring to farther reaches of the West Coast and South West, and is available for short tours and music festivals. They also have an EPK with SonicBids which can be emailed by request. As always, ZINDU promises to provide their listeners with an original experience of Uninhibited Sonic Pleasure!