kweejeebo Kweejeebo is a 6 piece groove/funk band originating from the roots of Lowell, MA. We comprise of guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and organs, trumpet, saxophone, and vocals. We perform a variety of well-arranged originals and covers. The group has been performing for over three years all over New England from Boston to Providence to Sugarloaf Maine. We have all studied music from either Russ Lawton (member of the Trey Anastacio band), music great Charlie Banacos, or through the University of Massachusetts from which we have our degrees. We have opened acts such as Macio Parker, Superhoney, and Strangefolk a number of times. This fall we will also be opening for the very popular Soulive's Sam Kininger at Harpers Ferry, Boston. We released our first full-length album last spring which is currently available for listening online at or at our website (which is now totally being updated and reconstructed). Overall, our fan base and email/contact-list is rather large. This continually contributes to our success. In the end, we're an extremely energetic group that is evident in our sets.