Matt Pond PA
Matt Pond PA mpPA is: Brian Pearl: Brian, a prolifical musician of the classically-trained sort, can play a Built to Spill medley on any instrument in the world while also conversing on his "two-way."

Dan Crowell: Dan is from a magical place called "Long Island," which is filled with only the finest of rainbows, unicorns, carports and hard-core bands. Dan's played in most of them.

Dana Feder: Dana is from Boston...and that's totally cool.... She brings dignity and a sense of humor that is not testosterone-fueled to the long drives in Vanzig.

Steve Jewett: the newest, freshest member hailing from the endless beauty that is vermont. he is less of a nor'easter than he is the quiet storm and the deep purple rain. a master of the bass and a wizard about anything having to do with miami vice.

Matt Pond: Matt enjoys these things, in no particular order: swimming, rice and beans, Maker's Mark, pants, a cat named Pickles, Crime Mob, potato pancakes and Canada.

mpPA is currently driving around the country, playing shows, mimicking each other, gambling, dressing up as pirates (?), competing in feats of strength, and working at obtaining the finest jump-offs money can a few days there will be shows somewhere near you.. and more -- or less -- sleep than anyone could ever imagine....there is also this new record "several arrows later"...that too.