Dr. Louis Sullivan
Dr. Louis Sullivan Ryan Juneau- Bass & Vocals
Chase Nichols- Guitar, Synth, Keys, Vocals
Kyle Nichols- Guitar, Vocals, Samples
Rackley Davis - Drums, Vocals
Mason Davis - Aux. Percussion, Samples

Dr. Louis Sullivan is an experimental Rock band that is constantly progressing and developing their music and live performance. The music has been called many things but no one can quite place their finger on it. Their style is multi-genre and travels through areas of Jazz, Trance, and Electronica. The music has funk-based grooves with raging guitar riffs. Their live performace is never lacking energy. The fans and the band fuel off of each other throughout the night and the intensity seems to perpetuate. Each performance is accompanied by a retinal pleasing light show and really makes every show a sight to see. The band is from Albany, Ga. They all grew up and developed together and this is evident in their cohesive jams. They have been touring Georgia and the surrounding states over the past four years and have developed a much loving fanbase that continuues to grow everytime they play. The group is very committed to their fans and keep every show new and exciting.