The Wild Breed Boys
The Wild Breed Boys The Wild Breed Boys are a group of rough & rowdy mountain men currently on the lam out of Clark County, OH. When they're not runnin' from the law they're pickin that good ol' timey traditional bluegrass and you can usually catch 'em drinkin some kind of clear liquid out of a mason jar, no one's quite sure what it is... Seeing these boys is a show in and of itself, and just you wait til you hear 'em pick! Bring out yer dancing shoes and overalls if'n you're seein The Wild Breed Boys, you'll be in for the long haul! You can see these boys a-pickin' and a-grinnin' and a-drinkin' at any respectable dive bar in Ohio, West (By God) Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and any place else hillbillies are found!

The Boys & Gal are:

Chris Bingman, mandolin
Casey Cook, guitar
Justin Farrell, doghouse bass
Kristen McNabb, fiddle
Brett Parsons, banjer