Chris Juhlin
Chris Juhlin This Washington-born songwriter takes the chilled-out, island vibe and combines it with some emotive, lyrically driven Americana. After a three-year stint in Boulder, Colorado Chris Juhlin set out for Alaska. There he collaborated with The Collective while setting up studio operations in his cabin near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Juhlin's style is subtle and shares a kinship to the songwriting of David Gray, Tim Easton, and the music of the late 60's and 70's. "Dylan , Floyd, and Bob Marley played a big part in my early interest in the guitar and songwriting. I couldn't put the thing down". Juhlin explains, "I've always most enjoyed music that leaves space for the listener to live in".

Chris started songwriting while in college at Boise State University in the early 2000's. Drawing from the likes of Ben Harper and Bob Marley his own voice began to emerge.

Chris Juhlin's live shows inspire a high-energy yet easy-going atmosphere. The reggae and funk influence shines through and can unexpectedly take you from cerebral to carefree...even his non-traditional folk has a strong element of that head-bobbing rhythm made famous by likes of Jack Johnson, Matt Costa and G Love.