The Point
The Point Hailing from Setauket, NY, the Point has created a buzz within the Long Island music community. Since their first jam session in 2004, that buzz multiplied exponentially as their live performances gave listeners new reason to leave the house on a Saturday night. First, there was an underground residency at a local nightspot where the band often wrote new material in front of an eager audience. Next, they balanced red-hot sets at festivals and benefit concerts, sharing the stage with the likes of U-Melt, Reckoning (of which two of The Point are long-time members), Jen Durkin, and the Zen Tricksters among many others. More recently, they’ve recorded a 4-song EP, while playing scintillating full-night shows with an ever-expanding catalogue of new material, lightly laced with the well-timed cover; the Point performs regularly in the greater New York Metropolitan area.

At the fore, the Point features the musical conversation between Kevin Griffin’s white-hot guitar innovations and Mike Katzman’s steadfast, multi-textured keyboards. They lay contours of sound over a foundation both thunderous and warmly melodic. At the core, Colin Kasprowicz’s melodic bass lines perfectly accentuate the deep-pocketed groove of Jesse Smith, whose drumming is as expressive as it is thunderous. Using their instrumental talents collectively, these four musicians push the envelope of electronic chaos only to use their vocal talents to compliment the new music they create.

The Point brings an intense new sound to the realm of live music today. Best described as the marriage of swirling soundscapes with a deeply rhythmic foundation, they produce a sound altogether their own. Extended jams are likely to reach an epiphany with three-part harmonies soaring over the band. More at the root, feel-good tunes are spiked with wicked time play and electronic manipulation. Progressive songwriting and keen musicianship never outshadow the ones and twos: the listener never forgets that they are hearing a live band on organic instruments. In sum, the Point creates an unforgettable, unique live experience which leaves their crowds satisfied yet hungry for more electronic, psychedelic, hip-hop groove.

the Point is:
Kevin Griffin: guitar/vocals
Colin Kasprowicz: bass/vocals
Mike Katzman: keyboards/vocals
Jesse Smith: drumkit