The Uptones
The Uptones Formed in 1981 in Berkeley, while they were still in high school. The Uptones were the one of the first bands devoted to playing Ska on the West Coast. The Uptones played to skanking crowds all over the West. Several of their recordings were regional hits, and for a time they were the most popular band in the Bay Area. Major publications of the time raved about them:

"It is a sight to behold, The... Uptones tearing up the stage and the audience tearing up the dance floor." - San Francisco Chronicle

"The Uptones... without a doubt the best show in Berkeley." - Berkeley Free Press

"Sitting down at an uptones show is like keeping your eyes shut at a movie." - Rolling Stone

The Uptones "Live at Gilman Street" (SOB CD 0058) is a living proof of the raw power the band delivered every show.

"Best live Ska record ever" - Crawdaddy Magazine

"***** Five Stars "This record rocks from beginning to end." - Rolling Stone

Several tracks from this legendary recording are offered for free in the mp3 format at

Members of the original band, Eric Din, Paul Jackson, and Bennie Wood have been playing music together since then.

First as Hobo, and then as Stiff Richards.

The ska bug never left these lads. And now Eric, Paul, and Bennie are joined by Mike Stevens, Adam Beach, Emily Jayne, Jeanne Geiger, and Scott Bertrand to form the current lineup of The Uptones.

The Uptones have completed their first CD “Skankin' Foolz Unite” for Fun Fun Fun Recordings containing new original material with producers Matthew King Kaufman and Michael Rosen.