Skydog Gypsy
Skydog Gypsy 4-piece astral funk, w/ megaphatt liteshow. Dynamic, hi-energy peaks; slow, languid valleys; sublime lyrics. SG consists of 4 musicians, a crew that includes lighting director and sound engineer - all amke up this unique organization to deliver a farout live experience.

Allen Aucoin - Drums Aaron Goldberg - Vocals, Bass Josh Becker - Keyboards, Vocals Dean Tovey - Guitar, Vocals Johnny R. Goode - Visuals

2002 will see the release of the band's second commercial offering - a dual-disc live compilation, released on April 20 @ the GA Theatre in Athens, GA. A Colorados tour is being planned for early June, followed by the releas3e of the band's second studio CD.

Rising in a graceful groove from the funk-laden primordial ooze.