Mindelixir Mindelixir has been making crazy music since he was 12, born in wyoming. a bass scientist, a promotional nightmare, influential in the rise of bass music in the SE region of the USA and now spreading across the globe like a virus. His recent release of Mindelixir Presents Music for Funerals and Banks hit number one on Addictech.com! Get ready for some future music and 20,000 leagues deep bass.

Mindelixir has been a busy individual recently. His funky jazz infused blend of bass music has been categorized as dubstep often but there's something very different about this producers sound. See for yourself by checking out his new mix that just dropped for URB magazine or checking out his last release, Mindelixir Presents Music for Funerals and Banks (every single track charted on beatport's top 100 for electronica.) His monthly party is one of the largest bass parties in the country and his work with Atlanta based record label ALR has lead to record sales for every quarter since he joined the team. Watch out for his live show, there's no other place on earth to hear the futuristic bass heavy blend he's wielding.