• Chasing the Hippo...
    Chasing the Hippo...
    The Stack's newest album "Chasing the Hippo" documents the entire uninterrupted second set from Leopold Brother's Brewery on 4/26/03. This marked Jacob's first show on Bass as well as Brennan's last. Don't miss this release!
    Track Listing: 1. Dreams We Dream
    2. B-Mac's Groove
    3. Hippo
    4. Shafted
    5. Already Know
    6. Theory of a Mushroom Man
    7. Chilibin
    8. Leg and a Foot
  • Chasing the Hippo...
    Chasing the Hippo...
  • It's Coming Down
    It's Coming Down
    Smokestack is a powerful improvisational groove quartet hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Smokestack's 2001 independent album release entitled "It's Coming Down" provides listeners with an eclectic mix of original songs. With a sound that mixes jazz, funk, Latin, reggae, rock and bluegrass, Smokestack has quickly gained a respectable following in the mid-west area.
  • Its Coming Down
    Its Coming Down