Creating a Newsense
Creating a Newsense Creating A Newsense- a dynamic rock/country band based in Manitou Springs, Colorado- formed in 2004 with the intention of bringing soulful music back to the foothills of Colorado Springs. After years of hard work and the culmination of ambitious creativity, the band has created over fifty original songs which range from soft country ballads to psychedelic face melting rock and roll. They have established a significant fan base in the Colorado region and have made a name for themselves among other respected musicians. Over the years, Creating A Newsense has performed with Split Lip Rayfield, Blue Mountain, Martha Scanlon, The Bittersweets, Ollabelle, Phix, Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root and many others. They have also played several local and regional festivals and took stage at the nationally recognized Wakarusa Festival in Kansas in 2008.

One aspect of Creating A Newsense that makes them stand out from other bands is their live performance. Currently, the band has two albums available: Live at Lee Fest recorded in June 2007 and Pine Gables recorded in April 2008. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, these albums are "party starters" and give listeners a feel for the intense energy and excitement that exists at a Creating A Newsense show. In fact, the Gazette was so impressed with the band's live performance on these albums and in person that they named Creating A Newsense the Best Local Band of 2008.

Currently, Creating A Newsense is busy recording in the studio. They are working on two different albums which will showcase the diversity of the band's repertoire. The first one will be dedicated to the country and Americana inspired songs while the second will feature the harder rock and roll pieces. The band feels that releasing two albums simultaneously will appeal to more listeners and give fans the option to choose the musical elements of Creating A Newsense that they love most. These albums are due to be released in Spring 2009.


Jason Gilmore (Vocals, Mandolin, Electric Guitar)
Matt Hollensbe (Vocals, Bass Guitar)
Brian Galloway (Electric Guitar)
Joe Johnson (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
Eric Earley (Vocals, Drums)