Sasha Multi-talented DJ/producer/remixer Sasha is recognized as one of the worlds most innovative icons of the electronic genre. As the DJ that rode into America on a tidal wave of adoration from the North of England's explosive early 90s club scene, Sasha for more than a decade has consistently sold out every venue, festival or club that has been honored to witness his legendary performance abilities.

Since early 2005 Sasha has performed his trademark power-packed, emotional sets on his one-of-a-kind, custom-made MAVEN controller crafted specifically for his Apple computer/ Ableton Live Software set-up. Creating a live 100% digital experience, he has left turntables behind. First tested and honed at Sashas monthly Fundacion residencies in New York and Los Angeles in 05, the controller allows Sasha to not only exhibit his stellar track selection and mixing skills, but to literally redevelop music live. With the ability to sample, loop, and fuse elements from multiple songs at once through digital technology, Sasha truly revolutionizes his live DJ performance.

The 2005 residency nights in America served as the testing ground for the Maven controller. Its success took Sasha on a world wide seven-month tour with sell-outs in major destinations like London, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, and Buenos Aires as well as such out-of-the-way locales as Mumbai, Marrakech, and Istanbul.

Starting out in the late '80s as a club DJ, Sasha got his first big break when he was hired by the noted UK dance club Shelly's as a resident. It was there that the young DJ found fame with the dance and house crowd, but it wasn't until he started laying down his grooves at the Hacienda, and most notably, Renaissance that he become known nationally in Britain and, eventually, internationally.

The inception of his sometimes partnership with fellow DJ John Digweed 1994 further catapulted Sasha into international superstar status. The two became a DJ/remixing team and soon released their first mixed compilation Renaissance: The Mix Collection (1994) the first mix CD to achieve Gold status in the UK. Touring the globe relentlessly, Sasha and Digweed, collectively and separately, seized the international spotlight, and established a well deserved status at the fore-front of dance music history and culture.

Refusing to limit himself to DJ work, Sasha has continually explored his various interests as an adept remixer, songwriter, producer and label owner. He established himself as a formidable, in-demand remixer by reconstructing tracks from an incredible array of artists such as Madonna, Seal, Depeche Mode, UNKLE, The Chemical Brothers, BT and Orbital. Sashas remix of Felix Da Housecats Watching Cars Go By, from his album Involver, was nominated for a Grammy in 2005.