The .357 String Band
The .357 String Band Steeped in old-school punk, outlaw country, Irish and mountain madness. The .357 String Band are here to break-open the mold of a genre vastly overlooked. The .357 String Band have built a following in and around Wisconsin at a break-neck pace. It's the unique blend of fans that shocks people at first. Not many groups can bring tie-dyed hippies, streetpunks, bikers and cowboys to the same venue for one frenzied show.

The .357 String Band has played with some of the most popular local and national acts. The local bands that they have played with span many genres. A few have been the Rusty P's (Hip-Hop) The Probers (dirty Stomp-Blues) Sloppy Joe (Bluegrass) The Chop Top Toronadoes (Rockabilly), and the Massacres (Psychobilly). Just a few of the national bands they have supported have been the Tossers (Irish-Punk, Victory Records) Wayne "the Train" Hancock (Western Swing, Bloodshot Records) Th' Legendary Shack Shakers (Psycho-Blues, Yep-Roc Records) Split-Lip Rayfield (Bluegrass, Bloodshot Records) Scott H Biram (Austin, TX's performer of the year '03, Bloodshot Records) and The Hackensaw Boys (Bluegrass, Harvest Moon Records).

They have played many clubs and bars in Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennesee. Along the way, they have headlined many festivals. Some of them include The Medford Bash, Cecil Bluegrass Bash, The Jackpine Jamboree, and the Big Splash Bluegrass Bash.