Oh My God
Oh My God Fools Want Noise is the forthcoming oh my god album—and wait ’til you hear this thing. The notorious sound of this Chicago band (blasts of organ on overdrive, grinding bass guitar, precision drum attacks and fast-flying melodic hooks) just got a new jolt of electricity: the pick-less guitar power of Jake Garcia, the string-bending monster from NYC’s Darediablo (Southern Records).

Oh my god has been on the road for five years as they’ve written and recorded the Oh My God EP (2000) and the albums Well (2001), Action! (2002), Interrogations & Confessions (2003) and You’re Too Straight to Love Me (2004).

Now, the band has teamed up with Garcia to stretch their sound to massive new dimensions. The nasty organ of ig (who’s toured/played with Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Van Morrison, Otis Rush…), the inhumane drum clobbering of Bish and the increasingly legendary adventures (on stage, in studio and into the next morning) of singer/bassist Billy O’Neill now join forces with one of the most fabulously filthy guitar sounds you’re ever gonna hear.

The album is done and set for mid-’07 release on the new Chicago label Split Red Records, the four-piece incarnation of the band is heading out on tour...Say it: OH MY GOD!!