Existor From Richmond, Va, Existor progressively blurs the lines between electronic dance music, down-tempo grooves and jazz fusion with mind-bending results. By doing so, the trio successfully pinpoints the perfect medium between multiple genres of thought-provoking instrumental music. Spiraling chord progressions, pummeling bass lines, and intense breakbeats all give rise to the dozens of original compositions that are gauranteed to stimulate both the body and the mind.

The members of Existor have known each other since grade school but the band didn't form until June of 2005 after a series of long overdue live studio sessions. 2007 has already proven to be a defining chapter in the band's success after being featured on PBS's "The Music Seen" (airing in the Fall of 2007), playing for nearly 3,000 live music fans at the Friday Cheers Concert Series in Richmond, and sharing bills with multiple national touring acts at some of the best clubs in the mid-Atlantic.

Existor has also performed with and shared stage bills with such regional and national acts as: The DJ Williams Projekt, Lotus, TC Izlam, Brothers Past, Soulive, DJ Craze, ODI, Capital J, Barefoot Manner, Chuck B, Tasha, Modern Groove Syndicate, 8-Bit Runner, The Grove, Aquabatics, Eymarel, U-Melt, and Vinyl. Existor occasionally features guest musicians and DJs to lend their amazing talents to the trio.