Puro Bandido with Jorge Santana
Puro Bandido with Jorge Santana Puro Bandido was formed by Jose "El Bandido" Mayorga in 1979 whose vision and dream to form a band to fit his unique persona and that would capture the true San Francisco Mission District Experience! He carefully scoped out the late 70's music scene and hand picked the best of the best in local bands and recruited two original members to join the Bandido Posse. Richard Segovia & Rolando "Choco" Contreras that would bring his vision and sound to life and have captured the True Mission District Culture, Style & SAVOR! Jose "El Bandido" Mayorga may you rest easy knowing that YOUR DREAM LIVES ON THROUGH PURO BANDIDO!!!! PURO BANDIDO is more than a refreshing new musical group - it is a new attitude and an eclectic new sound that mesmerizes its audiences with its incredible stage presence, driving rhythms, soaring guitars, and precise musical execution. Puro Bandido was formed by Jose Mayorga in 1978. Jose, now deceased, was joined by Richard Segovia and Rolando Contreras keeping Jose's dreams alive with the other members of Puro Bandido. The music is high energy, Latin Rock and was formed in the Mission District of San Francisco. Puro Bandido was instrumental in the development of Border Rock - crossing all borders; having no boundaries. Their Sound is a combination of old school and new sounds created by a combination of a driving percussion, a rhythm section incomparable and vocals to match. The band has opened for Linda Ronstadt, Tower of Power, Eddie Palmieri, and Santana. They were featured at the Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten, Caribbean; and numerous festivals throughout the United States. Puro Bandido is preparing to release its latest CD. They have previously recorded for Fantasy Records and were produced by Fred Caterro. PURO BANDIDO carries the torch today for Latin Rock Groups. San Francisco Bay Guardian Music Section - John Santos