Mishka Mishka was born in Bermuda and was raised on a boat by his Bermudian father and Canadian mother, who had fulfilled their dream of a life on water by building a 40-foot sailing vessel for their young family.

Mishka has been singing since before his earliest memories, and his inspirations have included the ocean, the hills, the coastline and the other rich natural settings of the Caribbean islands. In 1992 Mishka (now a young adult) returned to Nevis to live and became immersed in the culture of Rasta and of music. In Mishka's own words, "I recall Rasta as being something that was calling to me in a very subtle but very constant way….Growing up eating that food, listening to that music, feeling that vibration, knowing that reggae music, roots music, conscious music, was a part of the culture... Realizing that, okay, you can live this life."

Mishka's self-titled album was released in the summer of 1999. Mishka toured extensively that summer, playing at festivals throughout Europe and in Japan. Mishka now lives with his wife and family in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. He is very excited about his new affiliation with j.k. livin records, and is currently working on a new full-length album under that label called ABOVE THE BONES.