Seemless Rock music ebbs and flows. It has its trends. It has its image. It has its waves, its peaks, its valleys. It has its stars, its icons, its figureheads, many of which burn out and fade away. Massachusetts rock band Seemless dont concern themselves with the current rock n roll climate or with whats hip and cool right now or with constructing an image. Rather, Seemless care about crafting tight, solid, unforgettable, and timeless rock music that will live on long after the members have left this earthly plane.

For Seemless, its all about the music and only the music. Its about making massive riffs complemented by versatile vocals, finished off by booming percussion and rippling bass rhythms. Its about getting down and dirty and rocking the hell out. This is rock, the way its supposed to be done, says vocalist Jesse Leach. What Have We Become was written by music lovers for music lovers. Its raw and organic. And were just a bunch of music geeks. Drummer Derek Kerswill concurs, Were such music nerds. We love so much stuff, and the album is a great achievement, personally and collectively. We didnt play it safe. We took risks, by thinking outside the box, and by not worrying about the climate as it is right now. We just did what we wanted to do.